About Profline AS

The mission of Profline AS is to create world-class military clothing in cooperation with the end user.

Only in cooperation with our customers can we develop clothing that withstands even the harshest conditions and offers maximum support in difficult situations.

We started our activities in 1994 as a division of professional clothing of AS Klementi under the brand Profline. AS Profline, a subsidiary of AS Klementi, was established on September 1, 1998, with the aim of expanding the division’s activities and increasing efficiency. Since the autumn of 2000, it has been operating as an independent company. Since its early years, AS Profline has participated in various clothing procurements in the military field. We have produced clothing for the Estonian Defense Forces, the Police and Border Guard, Estonian Defense League, and the Women’s Voluntary Defence Organization. In addition, we have made various product developments (for special groups, the Criminal Police, the Defense League, and the Tax and Customs Board).

Since 2017, AS Profline has offered a collection of military clothing for Estonian men and women. A trigger for creating our own clothing collection was the customer need – there was no decent military clothing with an Estonian digital pattern on the market that was functional and met high-quality demands.

Our product development always starts from a problem. Before the final product reaches the online store, the product has undergone thorough testing by Estonian active forces. We expect to offer the maximum result in terms of functionality, durability and comfort. The development of one product can take up to a year, and at least 15 people contribute to the completion of each product. The moment the product reaches the online store, we are convinced that we have achieved the maximum goal set for ourselves. Profline Militaar clothing is produced exclusively in Estonia to ensure high-quality production and controlled deliveries.

We are proud that our customers, whose daily activities depend on high-quality equipment, trust us.

If you have an idea that needs execution, please contact us and we will do it!